A Day in the Life of a UX Designer

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What does your role involve?

I work at Zenjob as a UX designer. Currently, my team is working on two products. The first is an app for students (we call them talents) to give them the ability to answer all the personal information questions remotely. The second is a web app for internal use to simplify and speed up the process of onboarding the talent. In order to develop such products, I identify the needs of the users, build prototypes and conduct user interviews and tests.

What does a typical day as a UX Design Intern look like?

After I bike to work I get energized and ready for my first glass of fruit tea. I check my to-do list for the day and then I have a team standup. I do task after task from my daily list. I eat lunch in the office with my peers and then I go out to get a bit of fresh air. I come back and continue working on making the products better. In the evening, I plan for the next day.

What do you love about your role, and how does this relate to working at Zenjob?

I love to make people happy. Defining what people really need and working through the whole process to make it happen accurately is amazing. At Zenjob I have clear vision what the impact of my work will be.

What is the most challenging and rewarding thing about your work?

The biggest challenge in my work is that the company is in the process of getting more design centred. The most rewarding part is the people who are really excited to see the products launched.

How would you describe your team?

My team is a unique one as it is very fresh and there have been many changes and the size of it doubled just this week. I would also say that the team is diverse as people are from many different countries and backgrounds.

Tell us one thing you weren’t expecting about working at Zenjob.

I did not expect such a professional coffee machine!

What do you think makes working at Zenjob special?

For me, the special thing is the management’s openness to receive feedback and their transparency with the workers.

What advice would you give anyone who wants to become a UX Designer?

Be continuously curious! Look everywhere for UX developments and do not wait to make improvements.

One fun fact about yourself

I love off-piste skiing, even though I am not a master at it. Experiencing the power and magnitude of nature and then speeding downhill is just awesome!

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