Candidates go First - My Recruitment Manifesto



1. What does your job entail?

If I need to describe my role, as a technical recruiter, I would say that I am an Agile coach for tech recruiting at Zenjob. That means that I am responsible for candidate experience; I have to ensure that candidates get their feedback in time, that interviews cover all the important topics and that the hiring managers provide me with all the relevant information that I need. So I have to ask questions… a lot of questions. I handle the hiring process from the beginning till the end, which includes direct search, job descriptions, CV screening, first behavioural interview, coordination of all other stages and offer negotiation. Sometimes it might be stressful and tough, but when really good candidates accept our offer, this is a great feeling  and it makes me really happy, and when you see how the company grows, because of your job - that is the best thing ever!

In my daily work I always live by the motto - Candidates go first! It really helps to prioritize my work and be sure that we never lose the best tech talent!

2. What do you want to see on a CV?

The first thing that I expect from a good Tech CV is a nailed summary because this is a really important part of your introduction, it is perfect if it includes your career goals, briefly lists your experience and level of expertise. One more thing, your technological stack with level of experience included, for example:

>Expert: C#, C/C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, SQL, REST, SOAP, Visual Studio, TFS

>Intermediate: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, Eclipse, Jenkins, Hudson

>Beginner: Python, Ruby on Rails.

That really helps me to understand your fit for the position.

It is also great if you mention the projects that you have been part of and what was your role in that project. One last thing - please keep it simple! Simple design, 1-2 pages - that’s enough. Good luck!

3. What soft skills do people need to work at Zenjob?

At Zenjob we have 4 core values #humble, #honest, #hungry, #helpful and these are not just words for us! Here you can feel it every day. We try to tell the truth, even if it might be difficult, we are keen and want to learn every day, we always help if somebody needs it and we appreciate everybody's work! That’s why in the interview I look for  the following competencies:

  1. Initiative and Curiosity
  2. Flexibility and Adaptivity
  3. Being a team player
  4. Customer orientation
  5. Passion about our product

4. What tips can you give to prepare well for an interview?

  1. Prepare your questions in advance. Remember: an interview is a two-way process. This is your chance to ask questions too!
  2. Be prepared physically; if the interview is a video call, please find a quiet and comfortable place for it.
  3. I prefer to ask behavioural questions during the interview. Try to use the STAR model for your answers e.g. Situation: Describe the context within which you performed a job or faced a challenge at work. Be as specific as possible. Task: Next, describe your responsibility in that situation. Action: You then describe how you completed the task or endeavoured to meet the challenge. Focus on what you did. Result: Finally, explain the outcomes or results generated by the action taken.

5. What are the things that really stand out for you, what makes a great candidate?

For me it is really important to establish a trusting relationship with my candidates. This is why I usually ask a lot of behavioural questions, to see if my candidates have the right value fit for Zenjob. And when I see this,  when I see that my candidate has a passion, when I see “the fire in their eyes” - it’s amazing! For Zenjob it is very important to find the right people, who really believe in us and share our goal to change the future of temp work. So I really look for candidates who prepare for the interview,  go through our website, check our core values and prepare some interesting questions to me. If you really believe in Zenjob and share our passion, like I do - welcome on board!

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